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Antenna transmission distance not ideal? It may be due to the following 6 reasons 2022-04-16

Antenna transmission distance not ideal? It may be due to the following 6 reasons


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When using wireless modules, communication distance has always been an important indicator. Many engineers ensure that the wireless module itself has no problems, but still the communication distance is unsatisfactory, the packet loss rate is high, the signal is weak and so on. At this time, we should consider whether the performance of the antenna has affected the communication distance of the module. Affect the performance of the antenna often have the following 6 factors, I hope it will help you!

1. the antenna frequency must be matched with the frequency of the wireless module.

2. the higher the antenna frequency, the faster the rate; the lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength, the better the bypass performance.

3. when there is a linear communication barrier, the communication distance will be correspondingly attenuated.

4. pay attention to the direction of antenna radiation, incorrect antenna installation direction leads to close transmission distance

5. there are metal objects near the antenna or placed in the metal shell, the signal attenuation will be very serious.

6. poor impedance matching between antenna and communication equipment will lead to poor communication effect.

7. The ground absorbs radio waves, the effect of testing near the ground is poor, it is recommended to raise the height of the antenna.

8. Water will absorb electromagnetic waves, the higher the frequency, the more obvious the electromagnetic wave attenuation phenomenon.



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