• RF cable assembly FME male
    RF cable assembly FME male to FME female
    FME female to FME male RG174 cable
  • vehical136/250MHz dual band magnet omni antenna
    magnetic antenna VHF/UHF dual band TNC male connector vehical antenna
    The WH-VU-M09 is a versatile antenna designed for various VHF and UHF applications WH-VU-M09 Antenna 136-250MHz, unity gain, 1/4 wave, tunable, up to 150 Watts power, black chrome plated stainless steel whip, with 90mm magnet mount, 3.66 meter RG-58U coax cable with assembled connector. Stainless steel whip, 520mm overall height. Cut whip to the desired frequency according to the provided cutting chart.
  • wlan 2.4GHz and 5GHz cross polari panel antenna
    2200-2500MHz/4400-5000MHz cross polari panel antenna
    Introducing our high-performance 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band panel antenna, specifically designed for base station applications. This advanced antenna features a powerful 19dBiX2 gain, ensuring superior signal strength and extended coverage for your network. Utilizing X2 technology, it enhances connectivity and data throughput, making it ideal for high-demand environments. The antenna's cross-polarization capability significantly reduces interference and improves signal reception, providing reliable and high-quality communication. Its robust and weather-resistant design is perfect for outdoor installations, ensuring durability and consistent performance in various weather conditions. Ideal for enhancing base station operations, this dual-band panel antenna supports seamless integration with your existing network infrastructure. Whether for commercial, industrial, or large-scale residential deployments, our 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band panel antenna delivers exceptional performance, boosting your network's efficiency and reliability. Elevate your base station's capabilities with this state-of-the-art, high-gain, cross-polarized antenna.
  • module GPS Dielectric antenna
    GPS GNSS 1575-1602MHz antenna
    The WH-GNSS-Q15 antenna from whwireless is a next-generation ceramic antenna designed for GPS/GNSS1575.42+1602.56MHz applications. This antenna boasts exceptional stability and sensitivity, thanks to its utilization of high-performance proprietary ceramic materials and manufacturing processes. whwireless' ceramic patch antennas are recognized for their low profile, high efficiency, and high gain characteristics, making them well-suited for GPS/GNSS applications such as mobile handheld tracking and vehicle navigation. Engineered for embedded use, these antennas provide reliable performance within a compact package size. With micro-strip GPS/GNSS right-hand circular polarization and terminated via a leaded center pin, the WH-GNSS-Q15 antenna offers various ease-of-placement mounting options, ensuring seamless integration into a wide range of devices and systems.
  • 5G patch antenna
    5G 698-3800MHz 8dBi IM3(dBm)≤107dBm(2@33dBm) patch Antenna,
    WHWIRELESS patch antenna WH-5G-P8 IM3(dBm)≤107dBm(2@33dBm); Enhance your indoor signal reception with our latest patch, optimized for Signaal Repeater Booster Indoor Antennes. Key features include: IM3(dBm) ≤107dBm: Ensures superior linearity even at high input power (2@33dBm). 8dbi Antenna Gain: Boosts signal reception efficiency for optimal performance. 5G Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with 5G networks for enhanced connectivity. Wide Frequency Band Support: Covers 700/900/1710/2690/2700/3300/3800MHz bands for versatility across multiple network standards. N Female Connectors: Provides easy compatibility with various devices.
  • 698-3800MHz 22dBiX2 5G Dish Hyperbolic antenna for sale
    698-3800MHz 22dBiX2 5G Dish Hyperbolic antenna
    WHWIRELESS WH-5G-DS22X2 is an outdoor Dish Hyperbolic parabolic antenna designed for 5G applications, operating within the frequency range of 698-3800MHz. This high-gain dish antenna boasts a 22dBi gain, ensuring efficient signal reception and transmission. The part number WH-5G-DS22X2 signifies its model and specifications. Featuring a unique design, the dish antenna comes in four separate pieces that can be easily combined. This modular structure offers flexibility in installation and allows for convenient transportation. The dish's parabolic shape enhances its radio mesh capabilities, making it ideal for applications that require directional and focused communication. Whether used for point-to-point communication or as part of a mesh network, this antenna excels in providing reliable connectivity for 5G wireless networks. Its versatility, high gain, and frequency range make it a valuable component for various outdoor communication setups. The WH-5G-DS22X2 is a reliable choice for those seeking a robust and efficient solution for their 5G connectivity needs.
  • 450-4800MHz UWB 5G 4G LTE Omni-Directional Fiberglass Antenna for sale
    450-4800MHz UWB 5G 4G LTE Omni-Directional Fiberglass Antenna
    The fiberglass antenna WH-5G-LP3 a robust and efficient solution for modern wireless communication, operates seamlessly across multiple frequencies: 450MHz UHF for reliable short-range connections, 2700MHz for 4G cellular networks, and 4800MHz for the latest 5G technology. This versatility makes it ideal for various applications, ranging from commercial to personal wireless needs. Its construction from durable fiberglass ensures longevity and resistance to environmental factors. A key feature of this antenna is its impressive VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of 1.6:1, indicative of its high transmission efficiency with minimal signal reflection. This characteristic ensures optimal performance and stronger, more reliable connections across its operating bands. The antenna comes with an L-shaped bracket, designed for easy and secure installation, allowing it to be mounted in various orientations to best suit the user's requirements. Its sleek design and robust construction make it a top choice for maintaining seamless connectivity in today's fast-paced wireless world. WH-5G-LP3 fibreglass omni antenna with SMA male terminated low loss coaxial cables to customise your installation.
  • 433MHz RFID Domino antenna
    UHF 433MHz whip BNC male antenna 3.5dBi
    whwireless UHF 433MHz Active RFID Outdoor Whip Antenna WH-VU-03.5, meticulously crafted for flexibility and reliability in demanding applications. Engineered with precision, this IP66-rated antenna is tailored for vehicular applications, ensuring seamless integration with 433MHz radio transceivers terminals. Designed for vehicular use, this whip antenna with a BNC male connector offers hassle-free installation, making it the ideal choice for enhancing communication in dynamic environments. Its adaptability shines in diverse scenarios, providing optimal performance in tracking, asset security, and logistics optimization. Trust in the durability and resilience of our 433MHz whip antenna, specially crafted for outdoor use. The UHF 433MHz frequency ensures long-range communication, catering to the unique demands of vehicular applications. Elevate your connectivity with a solution that embodies adaptability, precision, and reliability, redefining the standards for RFID technology in vehicular contexts. Welcome the future of RFID communication with our versatile whip antenna, your trusted partner for seamless and robust connections in any vehicular setting.
  • 8G Routers M2M omni antnena
    38MHz-8500MHz 2dBi fiberglass omni antnena
    WHWIRELESS WH-8G-Z02 is a versatile omnidirectional jammer antenna designed for a frequency range spanning from 38MHz to 8500MHz, providing excellent coverage for various wireless communication applications. With a gain of 2dBi, this antenna ensures efficient signal reception and transmission across a wide spectrum. Its construction features durable fiberglass material, ensuring robustness and longevity in diverse environmental conditions. Specifically designed for jamming purposes, the WH-8G-Z02 is an omni antenna, capable of receiving and transmitting signals in all directions simultaneously. The antenna is equipped with shielding capabilities to enhance its performance in jamming applications, ensuring effective interference with targeted frequencies. Its design is optimized for wireless communication systems, making it suitable for applications requiring broad-spectrum coverage. The WH-8G-Z02 is an ideal choice for jammer systems that demand reliability, durability, and a comprehensive frequency range within the 38MHz to 8500MHz spectrum.
  • SMA female U.FL
    SMA female to U.FL2nd end 0.81mm cable
    SMA female to U.FL2nd end 0.81mm cable
  • panel antenna iot antenna
    5G panel antenna 700-4800MHz 4X4 for teltonika rutx50
    The panel antenna is a cutting-edge communication solution optimized for 5G networks, catering to a broad frequency range of 700, 960, 1710, 2170, 2700, 3300, 4000, and 4800MHz. With a VSWR of ≤1.5, it ensures efficient signal transmission and reception. Boasting an impressive 8dbiX4 gain, this antenna excels in providing enhanced connectivity and network performance work for teltonika rutx50. Its compact dimensions, measuring 410X185X60mm, make it a space-efficient choice for various installations. Designed for versatility, the panel antenna is ideal for applications requiring reliable and high-speed data transfer in the ever-evolving landscape of 5G technology. Whether deployed in urban or rural settings, its advanced features and compatibility with multiple frequencies make it a reliable component for next-generation communication networks.
  • 5G dish antenna feed
    5G dish antenna feed 1710-4200MHz 22dBiX2
    The WH-5G-FD32x2 is an advanced 5G MIMO antenna with a high gain of 22dBi, designed for wireless communication applications. This cutting-edge antenna is equipped to enhance the performance of 5G networks, supporting faster data transfer and improved connectivity. The MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology enables the antenna to transmit and receive multiple data streams simultaneously, optimizing signal quality and reliability. Tailored for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the antenna is versatile and efficient, ensuring seamless connectivity for a wide range of devices. Additionally, the WH-5G-FD22x2 serves as a powerful LoRa antenna, making it ideal for long-range, low-power communication in IoT networks. The dish antenna design further amplifies its capabilities, providing directional focus for precise and extended coverage. Whether deployed in urban environments or remote locations, this antenna is a reliable solution for demanding wireless communication needs.
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