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Wireless Broadband Communication Solutions for Multiple Life Scenarios 2023-09-06

Wireless Broadband Communication Solutions for Multiple Life Scenarios


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Today, wireless connectivity is used in all aspects of life. Reliable and fast internet connectivity is vital for all types of businesses and consumers, and nowadays, this is not always achieved through the traditional fixed line approach. There is an option to use 4G/5G wireless connectivity to enable internet connectivity while providing failover/recovery capabilities, which requires routing equipment and effective MiMo antennas. The HK-WMM series antennas are easy-to-install, high-performance antennas with adaptable and pre-assembled connectors for "plug-and-play" connectivity.

Stable Connectivity

Downtime due to Internet failures can often be risky and costly, and wireless antenna solutions for failover can greatly reduce this risk.

Poor broadband speeds in rural areas

Poor or no ADSL connectivity in remote/rural areas can have a significant impact on business operations and community life in these areas. 4G/5G wireless services can provide a reliable solution for fast broadband connectivity.

5G Full Deployment

With large-scale 5G deployments now underway globally, there is a need to ensure that you have a 5G-capable solution.

Wireless self-service devices


More and more business locations are automating transactions, such as ticket vending machines, vending machines, etc. This means that wireless connectivity is critical at all times, and the stability of this connectivity can be ensured through wireless antenna solutions.

Quick and easy installation

Compact combo antenna design with integrated low-loss cables provides an ideal solution for installation in a variety of locations.

Designed to provide MiMo dual-band directional coverage antennas for dedicated 5G/LTE networks, the rugged, thin housing contains up to four antenna components with excellent isolation. The weatherproof enclosure is designed for rail or mast mounting and can be fitted with a range of extension cables for specific applications and needs.


High gain directional antenna

Compact solution

Up to 4x4 MiMo

Dual band 3.5/5GHz

9dBi gain

Suitable for mast/rail mounting

High gain 4x4 MiMo signal boosting antenna for 4G and 5G networks. It integrates four independently fed broadband components in a single housing to provide MiMo support for 4G and 5G networks, providing 6dBi peak gain in the 617-960MHz band and 9dBi peak gain in the 1710-6000MHz band.


High gain directional antenna

Wall or mast mounted

600-6000MHz wideband

6-9dBi peak gain

Supports LTE CAT18/20 routers

Ideal for branch networks or failover

High gain directional 2x2 MiMo signal booster antenna for 4G/5G LTE, integrates two independently fed broadband components in a single housing to provide MiMo and diversity support for 4G/5G LTE, ruggedized, weatherproof housing designed for wall mounting, wall and mast mounting brackets also available.


2x2 MiMo broadband cellular LTE antenna

Wall or mast mountable

700-3800MHz wideband for 2G/3G/4G/5G LTE coverage

6-9dBi peak gain directional fixed site antenna

Easy to install outdoor panel antenna

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