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Understand the application scenarios of Nb IOT, Lora, EMTC, sigfox and ZigBee April 2,2020.

Understand the application scenarios of Nb IOT, Lora, EMTC, sigfox and ZigBee

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Internet is connected to computers and mobile phones, so that people can send messages anytime, anywhere. The Internet of things may be connected to your lights, kettles, door locks, pipes, electricity meters and water meters, as well as the lamp posts on the side of the road when you walk your dog, the sprinklers on the way to work, small devices and large components, which are all inclusive, involving scenes that are also heaven and earth.

People's consciousness is more complex than things, and the world of things is more complicated than people. The spectrum needed to connect people and things is completely different. People want to be online 24 hours a day and send messages and videos online at any time. Now try to take away a person's mobile phone and have a look, for fear that you will be called. But your lamp doesn't need to be connected with another lamp 24 hours at any time. If the Internet of things uses the early wireless network, it's not suitable for energy consumption, traffic and operation.

No matter NB IOT, Lora, EMTC, etc., in the long run, there should be no monopoly of the king. Think of Pepsi, Sprite and fanda. In these Internet of things network connection technologies, users can choose appropriate network connection technologies according to their own needs. After all, there is no perfect technology, only suitable technology. What are the application scenarios of Nb IOT, Lora, EMTC, sigfox and ZigBee?



Let's start with Nb IOT and EMTC, which are the Heaven Sword and dragon sword in the hands of operators. Each has its own advantages. In terms of cost, Nb IOT is more cost-effective than EMTC; in terms of coverage, Nb IOT is 30% larger than EMTC, and EMTC coverage is about 9dB worse than NB IOT; in terms of capacity, EMTC can not meet the demand of large capacity, but in terms of speed and mobility, EMTC has more advantages than NB IOT, in addition, EMTC supports voice.

That is to say, dynamic scenes involving frequent interaction with people have requirements for voice, bandwidth rate and mobility, such as Internet of vehicles, intelligent wear, logistics tracking, etc., EMTC is selected, while NB IOT is selected considering module cost, mass connection and other needs, such as intelligent electricity meter, air monitoring, intelligent water meter and other scenes. In the future, the hybrid networking of Nb IOT and EMTC, with complementary advantages of differentiation, is one of the main trends of Internet of things network connection.


Next, let's talk about Lora. I mentioned the difference between Lora and Nb IOT before. Compared with Nb IOT, Lora has wider coverage and lower cost, and supports flexible networking. To some extent, Lora extends the boundary of Internet of things network connection. In some specific segmentation scenarios, such as remote or marginal areas, such as scenic spots or high-tech zones, it is more suitable for business needs of enterprises, such as smart street lights, smart home and other fields, compared with Nb IOT, which depends on operators.

LORA application


Then there is sigfox. Sigfox was born to build the wireless network of the Internet of things, but its domestic attention is lower than that of Lora. Both of them were acquired by Semtech shengte. What are the advantages of sigfox? There is no burden of traditional wireless network. According to the characteristics of the Internet of things, it can reduce costs, widely cover and improve speed, and is more suitable for overseas intelligent manufacturing and other scenarios. Moreover, unlike Lora's gradual improvement of standardization, there are some hidden dangers in sigfox's standardization.


Finally, ZigBee is different from the above network connection technology. ZigBee is a short distance Internet of things technology, which does not directly access the network through lpwan, but needs to access through concentrator and gateway. ZigBee appears because Bluetooth and WiFi can't meet the industrial demand. ZigBee has many advantages, such as low power consumption, low cost, low speed, short time delay, high capacity, security and stability. It uses free frequency band. Because of the mesh topology, it is easy to manage and control in industry, and it is widely used in the field of smart home.

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