LTE 4G fiberglass 4dbi antenna

4G fiberglass antenna Ф33x388 (mm) work for outdoor with IP67 waterproof level

IP65 waterproof antenna IOT antenna RoHs easy install

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F/B radio:>15dBi
Polarization Type:Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth:360°
Vertical Beamwidth:698-960MHz: 40-60°

                             1710/2170-2700MHz: 14-32°

Rated Power:100w

Input Impedcion:50Ω
Connector Type:N female
Rated wind velocity:60m/s
Antenna material:fiberglass
Water proof level:IP65
Mounting method:L bracket
Dimensions:Ф33x388 (mm)
Operation terperature:-40℃ to+60℃

Waterproof IP65


Ddelivery time:5working day

Payment term:T/T

Package:plastic bag and box

Paymeter method:Paypal;Wire Transfer

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