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The transmission distance of 5G is only 340 meters. Can 5G be used in the field? September 17,2019.

How many base stations are built? It depends on the wavelength of electromagnetic wave. The longer the wavelength, the less the base station and the less the investment. However, the longer the wavelength, the less information and data it carries, and the lower the transmission efficiency. Therefore, mobile communication is developing in the direction of shorter wavelength. So, what is the wavelength of5G? This is determined by the formula: the speed of light = wavelength * frequency. The speed of light is constant. It is300,000 kmper second. The frequency of5Gis 24 gHz-32 gHz. According to the calculation of 28gHz, the wavelength is about108 mm. Therefore, 5G communication belongs to millimeter wave communication. Its advantages are large transmission bandwidth, high transmission efficiency, but its disadvantages are short transmission distance and easy to be blocked. The cost is high. Compared with4G, the transmission efficiency is improved by hundreds of times, but the expansion of base station alone is increased by more than 20 times.


At present, the construction density of 4G base stations in cities has basically achieved 500 meters, while in some urban central areas, it has reached 200-300 meters, and even in some areas, the density of base stations can even reach 100 meters. The two main reasons are as follows: first, there are too many high-rise buildings in the city, and the obstruction is serious, so we have to build more base stations; second, the population density in the city is much larger than that in the rural suburbs, considering the user perception, we also have to build more base stations.

In fact, the biggest problem of 5G coverage is still on the upstream, as well as indoor coverage. Because of the high frequency of5G, the indoor coverage effect will be worse than the current4Gcoverage, which is why the user experience speed ofKoreaand theUnited Statesis not so fast after5Gcoverage. In fact, the reason why5Gwants to build more base stations in cities is not to say that the city's macro base stations. Now the density of4Gmacro base stations in cities is large enough. Maybe more is to build some indoor 5G base stations. In rural areas, there are fewer high-rise buildings and fewer barriers, so there is no need to build a base station with the same density as a city.

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