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MIMO antenna system June 17,2019.

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) refers to the use of multiple transmit and receive antennas at the transmit and receive ends to transmit and receive signals through multiple antennas at the transmit and receive ends. Communication quality. It can make full use of space resources, realize multiple transmission and multiple reception through multiple antennas, and can increase the system channel capacity by multiple times without increasing spectrum resources and antenna transmission power, showing obvious advantages and being regarded as next generation mobile. The core technology of communication.

The MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) system is a core technology applied to 802.11n.

mimo antenna system

802.11n is a new wireless LAN technology after IEEE 802.11b\a\g, with a speed of up to 600Mbps. At the same time, proprietary MIMO technology can improve the performance of existing802.11a/b/g networks. The technique was first proposed by Marconi in 1908, which uses multiple antennas to suppress channel fading. Depending on the number of antennas at both ends of the transceiver, MIMO can also include a SIMO (Single-Input Multi-ple-Output) system and a MISO (Multiple-Input Single-Output) system compared to a conventional SISO (Single-Input Single-Output) system.

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