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Millimeter wave shielding test solution to help 5G millimeter wave communication 2023-05-17

Millimeter wave shielding test solution to help 5G millimeter wave communication


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The development of 5G technology has been extremely rapid in recent years, and it features high speed, low latency and large connectivity. The current 5G solutions are divided into millimeter wave and Sub-6GHz, except for Sub-6GHz which is now developing at a rapid pace, the progress of millimeter wave is also changing day by day. Millimeter wave, as the name suggests, is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between 1-10mm, and now it is no longer just at the research level, but is rapidly entering the commercial level and gradually covering the living periphery.

With the popularity of 5G cell phones, we will find that the Sub6 crowded channel environment can no longer meet the user demand for high data volume and high speed, so the major cell phone manufacturers are gradually looking at millimeter wave. It can be said that millimeter wave is the direction of the next generation of cell phones, so as to meet the general public in the streaming media era for the increasingly high data transmission rate requirements.

However, there are still some problems with the rapidly developing new 5G standard, millimeter wave is too "fragile" compared to Sub6, so it is easy to be blocked by the body, walls, clothes and even phone cases.

Nowadays, there are more and more materials and styles of cell phone cases with the needs of the public, metal cases look beautiful, feel and heat dissipation, drop resistance, but easy to signal shielding problems, and with the widespread use of 5G, wireless charging and other new wireless transmission methods, this will become an urgent problem, the application of silicone, plastic, leather and other materials are gradually hot up. So how will these different material cases affect the phone's millimeter wave antenna?

How to evaluate and select a suitable material for a 5G millimeter wave cell phone when it needs to be equipped with a cell phone case, which is an inevitable problem for cell phone design manufacturers, how to quickly and easily realize the barrier analysis of the material in the early stage, and how to efficiently and economically conduct sampling and verification in the production line? What means are available to analyze the millimeter wave blocking performance of various materials?

The handheld millimeter-wave barrier test solution can complete the test of barrier materials anytime and anywhere, and can be adjusted according to demand, greatly reducing the time required for preliminary material testing, combined with the storage capacity of the device itself, only one test, one export, can directly realize the analysis and comparison of multiple materials, while ensuring the accuracy of the results can greatly save the engineer's time. It can save engineers' time while ensuring accurate results. In addition, it provides a modular millimeter wave barrier measurement solution for production line testing, which enables efficient and economical testing of multiple samples and comparison with design conditions, thus verifying the production quality of products and generating timely reports.

The entire test process uses a "receive and transmit" format, where a handheld signal generator or mini-signal generator can be used to transmit a specific frequency, specific power signal, through the directional antenna constraint to a certain direction, through the object to be measured on the other side of the real-time spectrometer or Hongke handheld spectrometer to receive the signal, and feedback received at that frequency. And feedback received on the frequency of the signal power size, so that the measured attenuation effect to respond to the material barrier and masking ability.


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