433MHz circular polarization RHCP flat panel antenna

IP65outdoor panel antennaoutdoor antenna

RFID Right Hand Circular Pol Flat Panel Antenna, with 1 N-female connector. Frequency 428-438 MHz, High Gain of 9 dBi. Dimensions are 450X450X110(MM). Weight is 2Kg.

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Frequency range:433MHz

Band width:30MHz




Horizontal beam width:75°

Vertical beam width:60°

Input impedance:50Ω


Max Power:50W

mounting method;“U” bolt
Connector;N female or customized


Radiating material:Aluminium

Reflector material:Aluminium


Pole Diameter:Φ35~φ50  mm

Rated Wind Velocity:210 km/h

Radome material:ABS


Lighting Protection:DC Ground

Working Temperature:-40℃~﹢65℃

Waterproof IP65


Ddelivery time:5working day

Payment term:T/T

Package:plastic bag and box

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