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What does antenna interface mean? 2021-05-13

What does antenna interface mean?

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You will often see the word antenna at the interface of some home electronic devices, this word actually means antenna, so its corresponding interface is actually the antenna interface, which is specifically used to connect the antenna port. antenna interface is a round antenna interface, antenna interface is an interface end of wireless devices, the antenna of the wireless device itself has a certain distance limit. When the distance beyond this limit, it is necessary to enhance the wireless signal through these external antennas to achieve the purpose of extending the transmission distance.

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There are three concepts involved.

First, the frequency range it refers to the antenna work frequency band, this parameter determines which wireless standard it applies to wireless devices.

Second, the gain value of this parameter indicates the antenna power amplification, the larger the value indicates that the signal amplification is larger, that is to say, when the gain value is larger, the stronger the signal, the better the transmission quality.

Third, the antenna interface is mainly for wireless equipment that can be disassembled and external antenna, for different interfaces to correctly match the corresponding antenna, to increase the signal and extend the distance of the function.


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