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Aquatic Black Technology 2021-02-09

Aquatic Black Technology-IoT Hub's aquaculture intelligent monitoring system solution

   The aquaculture industry is very strict in terms of environmental data requirements and sensitivity, and needs to pay attention to various data at all times. With the development of industrial Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, the aquaculture industry can use these technologies to master various equipment data in real time, greatly improve the efficiency of the aquaculture industry's production, management, and service links, and accelerate the entire industry Upgrade and transformation of the chain.

4G iot HUB

Project Background

   A large aquaculture enterprise has several fisheries scattered across the country, and each fishery has one or more breeding equipment (controlled by PLC). However, existing equipment cannot upload status information in time and return it to the service center of the enterprise, resulting in poor controllability of the production process; water quality information cannot be updated in real time, resulting in increased production costs; equipment cannot be remotely controlled, resulting in high labor costs. The client hopes to establish a set of real-time monitoring system, which can upload on-site information in real time and grasp the situation in time.

   aquaculture system monitoring solution based on IoT Hub

   The IoT Hub Industrial Internet Empowerment Platform team designed an intelligent monitoring system for aquaculture based on customer pain points.

  Equipment monitoring system architecture diagram

The entire system IoT Hub industrial Internet empowerment platform, connected to the PLC of the aquaculture plant through the edge controller, transmits the field data to each local IoT Hub? server via WIFI or 4G, and finally each local IoT Hub uploads the data to the IoT The Hub Industrial Internet Empowerment Platform summarizes.

  1 Features of IoT Hub Industrial Internet Empowerment Platform

  ■ Provide powerful data storage capabilities

  ■ Provide rich background service functions

  ■ Provide flexible deployment methods

  ■ Provide secure data protection

  2 Features of Edge Controller

  ■ Quick access to equipment

  ■ Fast data analysis

  ■ Results are uploaded quickly

  ■ Remote control: You can remotely control the work of key equipment through mobile phones and tablets, requiring specific permissions.

  ■ Timing trigger: The equipment can be controlled regularly through the management system and requires specific permissions.

  ■ Real-time monitoring and alarm: real-time monitoring of various key data, when the parameter value reaches a dangerous value, the system sends a mobile phone text message to the manager.

  ■ Historical records/reports: It can automatically record and store the opening time of the device in real time, intelligently calculate the electricity bill, estimate the feeding amount, and save the data to help users manage the fishery.

  ■ Functions such as fish pond optimization, data integration, and map monitoring.

  Project highlights

4G lora

   economic benefits

   After using the IoT Hub industrial Internet empowerment platform solution, the company headquarters can remotely monitor the production status of various fish ponds across the country in real time through this system. Base technicians or the person in charge of breeding can control the aquaculture automation control equipment through mobile phones, computers and various mobile terminal devices, without having to go to the site to open them. Monitoring and testing data can be uploaded to the company headquarters in real time.

  ■ Reduce power consumption by more than 30%, increase oxygen on demand, avoid ineffective oxygen increase, save electricity and extend the life of the aerator.

  ■ Reduce labor by more than 40%, remote control, automatic control, reduce labor intensity, reduce the number of fish pond management personnel, and increase the per capita management area.

  ■ The user accurately controls the amount of bait fed according to various water quality parameters, improves the conversion rate of bait, and reduces the cost of bait.

  ■ Find abnormal situations in time and give early warning to reduce property losses.

  ■ By collecting data from various regions, it provides favorable support for the company's new product development and maintenance of old products.

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