image data voice communications ,wireless LAN system antenna

yet high performance omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna designed for image data voice communications wireless LAN system and other multipoint applications where wide coverage is desired.
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Frequency Range:2400-2483 and 5150-5850MHz
Gain:2.4G:7dB and 5G:8dBi
Out of Roundness:<3 dB
Horizontal Beamwidth:360°
Vertical Beamwidth:20°
Maximum input:50W

Working Temperature:-40℃~﹢65℃
Dimension(mm):Φ23.8×275 mm
Radome Material:PC
Antenna connector:N male
Antenna cover material:PVC
Waterproof :IP66
Carton Size: 47X24X33mm(50pcs/carton)
Gross Weight:50X0.212=10.6KG/carton
Wireless Remote Controls
Wifi, WLAN
Campus WLAN Wifi
Farm and Ranch
Irrigation monitor and control
Video Surveillance
Access Control

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