• Antenna apply to the Self-Help Express Ark
    Antenna apply to the Self-Help Express Ark September 29,2016.
    With the vigorous development of the express logistics industry,the Self-Help Express Ark has been popular in people’s life. Self-Help Express Ark based on embedded technology, through the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) technology, GPS global location, Wifi monitoring camera and the sensors for data acquisition. To signal transmission signal,processing data,operation,including the GSM SMS Alert, RFID Identity Recognition,Wifi camera monitoring and so on. To make the courier delivery is more orderly and efficient, but also greatly reduces the probability of error delivery and packet loss issues. All of the antenna products from wellhope wireless are designed and developed by our engineers with top-notch design tools. Our engineers use the most advanced microwave structure analytical software network analyzer to design and produce our antennas. WELLHOPE factory has developed batches of high performing, quality and reliable antenna for mobile base, frequence extension and wireless access network.All the products are up to the national standard after being tested by the state authoritative QC department. Wellhope Wireless manufacture based in 4G; MIMO;GPS Dielectric Antenna;GSM;3G;Wlan;LTE antenna and RF pigtail cable; more question or inquire feel free to sent us email;
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  • 2016 MWC Forecasts 5G Standards Will Be Released In This Year
    2016 MWC Forecasts 5G Standards Will Be Released In This Year October 5,2016.
    February 22, 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC) was held in Barcelona, Spain.Huawei, ZTE, China Mobile, Ericsson, including a number of telecom companies in the conference demonstrated the new 5G application technology.United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and many other telecom operators announced at the meeting, from the beginning of 2016 actively preparing 5G network test, accelerate 5G commercial process.At the meeting, most insiders predict that 2016 will be the year of the start of commercial 5G, 5G standard is likely to be formally identified in the year. 2020 is expected to 5G network official business, then the user can not only enjoy more high-speed mobile networks, networking, cloud computing and other types of data-dependent high-speed network services will begin to be widely used. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communication networks, according to Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE and other telecommunications company, the transmission speed of 5G network under test conditions at present has exceeded 25G per second ,is about 4G 250 times the transmission speed of the network, the official business transmission speed will be around 1G per second, will be ten times the current 4G network speeds around, when using a mobile phone to download a high-definition movies will be just about two seconds. At present, Japan and South Korea and China's telecom enterprises and business operators have launched 5G preliminary research and experimental work, and relevant 5G network standards are also being developed in consultation in. The European Commission Digital Economy Commissioner "Gunther Oetinger" commented that , currently Europe is accelerating the commercial process 5G, the EU has set up a € 700 million support program, to support scientific research institutions and service providers join hands to promote 5G technology research and development . In addition, British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Vodafone and other major European carriers, as well as Nokia, Ericsson and other telecom equipment makers have reached a set of action plans to promote the commercial deployment of future 5G networks. Vodafone, Telefonica and other European telecommunications executives at the meeting have said, 5G is the next round of major industrial opportunities telecommunications, Internet and data services industry, which involves network deployment, telecom equipment manufacturing, a new generation of mobile terminals D and production, will again drive the development of the telecommunications industry. In addition, with commercial 5G networks will provide faster network transmission speed, which will promote the rapid development of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, networking and other cars is highly dependent on high-speed networks of various types of data transmission services business. Wellhope Wireless manufacture based in 4G;MIMO;GPSantenna;GSM;3G;Wlan;LTE antenna and RF pigtail cable; more question or inquire feel free to sent us email;wh@wellhope-...
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  • Gain
    Gain October 5,2016.
    Gain measures an antenna's ability to amplify incoming signals. In other words, the gain value directly determines the antenna's receiving strength. Gain is measured in dB (decibels), and is a function of the antenna's capture area and reception/transmission frequency. Larger antennas with greater capture area generally have higher gain values, as do ones operating at higher frequencies. For wide-area networks, where data transmission occur across a long-distance area, you will need an antenna with a high gain rating ( > 10 ). If the data transmission area for the antenna is in a small room, then a lower gain antenna will suffice. Wellhope Wireless manufacture based in 4G; MIMO;GPS antenna;GSM;3G;Wlan;LTE antenna and RF pigtail cable; more question or inquire feel free to sent us email;
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  • Frequency
    Frequency October 5,2016.
    Data transmission between any two points by electromagnetic waves carry a certain amount of kinetic energy therewith. This associated energy of a wave is directly proportional to the wave's frequency. The formula to calculate that energy is E = h * ν, where ν is the frequency and h is Planck's constant, 6.626 * 10-34 J*s. Therefore, the higher the frequency, the more kinetic energy the wave carries, the more powerful the wave is. Most wireless networking antennas operate at 2.4 GHz and can go up to 2.5 GHz. Please note that, for wireless networks (802.b & 802.g), 2.45 GHz begins the microwave range. Resisting the temptation to operate your wireless network antenna above that frequency is imperative to preserving your health. Wellhope Wireless manufacture based in 4G; MIMO;GPS antenna;GSM;3G;Wlan;LTE antenna and RF pigtail cable; more question or inquire feel free to sent us email;
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