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Model: WH-4958-0F8X2
Wireless Mesh AP MIMO Omni Antenna, Omni Antenna
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Isolation Vetween Pols;≥25

Polarization Type;Vertical

Maximum Power;100w

Input Impedance;50Ω

    Wellhope wireless’s omni antenna WH-4958-0F8X2 is 8dBi omnidirectional wireless antenna for the 4.9&5.8 GHz band. It may be used in WLAN or WISP applications, either indoors or outside. apply to Low-cost wireless video transmitter/receiver for covert or overt CCTV systems.The WH-4958-0F8X2 omni directional antenna is an ideal access point antenna and applicate for Wireless Controller;Wireless Mesh.The WH-4958-0F8X2 Typically installed upside down on pole or on a rooftop, this waterproof antenna is ideal for point-to-multipoint coverage for wireless 802.11b/g or 802.11n devices. Wellhope wireless’s antenna model WH-4958-0F8X2is an 18 dBiX2 directional MIMO omni antenna for the 4.9&5.8GHz band. It may be used in WLAN Point to Point or Point to Muilt-point Long Range or Wireless LAN Security and Control Features Wireless IP Access Point Router outside applications.This panel Antenna may be mounted for Vertical polarization, and comes with hardware for mast attachment and Gain-dBi;8dBi.the maximum transt distance 4KM. They are constructed of UV resistant materials and are waterproof for a long service life

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