Wireless Mesh AP MIMO Omni Antenna, Omni Antenna

apply to wireless CCTV systems,Low-cost wireless video transmitter/receiver for covert or overt CCTV systems. Superior performance*Sealed with fiberglass
* All weather operation
* Steel mounting kit

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Isolation Vetween Pols;≥25

Polarization Type;Vertical

Maximum Power;100w

Input Impedance;50Ω
Connector Type:N femaleX2

Rated wind velocity:60m/s

Antenna material:PVC

Water proof level:IP65

Mounting mast Diameter:Φ35 – 50mm

Dimensions:Ф75x300 (mm)

Operation terperature:-30℃ to+60℃


· Wireless CPE Wireless Controller

· Wireless Mesh AP

· Wireless P2P Alarm wireless operation

· Mobile Alarm Protection Wireless Security

· outdoor 802.11b/g Wireless Access Point

· Point to Point Long Range Microwave Radios Flex I/O

· Wireless Tank Telemetry ; wireless remote module

· Wireless video/audio senders/receiver; wireless RoIP

· 4.9 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 systems

· Wireless Mobility and Load Balancing

· Wireless security system designed
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