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Model: WH-GPS&GLON-09B
GPS GLONASS Support GPS Glonass outdoor IP67 antenna
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Frequency:1575.42 MHz ±3 MHz
Frequency:1590 MHz±3 MHz
Impedance:50 Ω
LNA Gain:28±2 dB
Noise Figure:1.5 dB
DC Voltage:2.7~5 V
DC Current:5~15 mA

    Wellhope wireless's WH-GPS&GLON-09B GPS/GLONASS/ is an external combined GPS/GLONASS/antenna. It's originally designed to operate at the frequency GPS 1575.42 MHz and GLONASS 1602 MHz.WH-GPS&GLON-09B work for outdoor environment waterproof level IP67.with N male or SMA male directly.this antenna model have been produce over 2000pcs in 2015. sell to Australia,EU and middle east.
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